Police Planted Evidence In My House – Medical Intern Facing Terrorism Charges Tells Court

A Makueni County-based medical intern, currently in police custody facing terrorism charges, has told the court that the arresting police officers planted evidence in his house to frame him of terrorism.

“At the time of arrest, I had no phone, A police officer called Bwire planted a Samsung phone on me and told me that I had no option and that I had to own the phone before the camera. I had to comply because I was forced to comply, when the phone was presented to the court as an exhibit it was not in the same state as it was planted to me during the arrest.” Mohamed told Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku.

Mohammed Abdi Ali, a former medical intern at the Wote District Hospital in Makueni County is believed to have been part of extremist medics linked to the Islamic State group suspected of plotting a biological attack on Kenya in 2016 and recruiting university students to join the group in Libya and Syria.

Mohamed told Court that when he was arrested he insisted on being allowed to contact his family because he was not sure whether he was going to be killed or not.

“I was told to plead guilty and enter into plea bargaining and get a lesser sentence, I told them I can’t because I was not guilty,” said Mohamed.

A witness in court testified of his radicalization that Mohamed at one point in his medical career suggested that they use a gruesome method to remove a foetus from the mother’s womb where according to the witness, the suspect suggested that they should cut the foetus into pieces and remove it from the womb, the suspect, however, denied that he ever gave such a suggestion as an intern at Makueni level five hospital.

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Mohamed Abdi Ali was charged in 2016 alongside Nuseibah Mohamed Haji, Abdirahman Idris Hassan, and Salah Mohamed Khalif of being a member of a terrorist group namely the Islamic State of Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

They were also charged with recruiting youth in 2016 to be members of the ISIS terrorist group by linking them up with other fighters in Libya and facilitating communication through social media platforms on how to join the terror group.

The suspect has so far denied the charges with the defense hearing set to proceed tomorrow.