Popular club 1824 along Langata Road Allegedly shuts down

The renowned establishment Club 1824, which had recently come under the scrutiny of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commissions (EACC), has been closed down.

The owner, identified as a junior member of the Nairobi County government, has recently found himself under investigation for amassing illicit, unexplained wealth.

Lady Justice Esther Maina of the High Court granted the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) urgent orders in December 2022.

Wilson Nashon Kanani, an employee of the County Government of Nairobi, was ordered to freeze a staggering sum of Sh48 million.

This judicial action was taken to help the EACC complete its investigation into Mr. Kanani’s unexplained wealth.

The EACC had petitioned the court under a Certificate of Urgency, highlighting the urgency of the matter.

The investigation revolves around Mr. Kanani, whose monthly net salary is reported to be Sh55,000.

Shockingly, it came to light that he received a suspicious amount totaling Sh506,397,460 between January 2016 and October 2022.

These funds were traced through various bank accounts, including those under his name, the names of companies associated with him, as well as those of his family members, including his spouse and minor children.

The reasons for the club’s closure have not been made public as of the time of reporting, though there are rumours that it could be an auctioneers’ operation rather than a security agency operation. This is yet to be confirmed.

Many social media users have posted videos and photos of the club being shut down, and many are perplexed by the move.