Pregnant woman killed by dogs in France during a wild hunt

A 29-year-old woman was killed by dogs in Northern France while a hunt was happening in the area. The victim, who was walking her own dogs, was found dead near the town of Villers – Cotteres.

Prosecutor Fredric Trinh said that ‘’she died from multiple dog bites to her upper and lower limps and her head’’.

Tests were done on the dogs to determine which of the 93 dogs were responsible for the attack. The dogs belonging to the victim were also being tested.

According to autopsy reports, the victim suffered dog bites on her head, torso and arms. Reports from the prosecutor’s office claim that the victim had called her husband in panic and told him that she was worried a pack of dogs were going to attack her. He later found her, reportedly, after following their dogs’ distress cries.

A newspaper, Le Courrier Picard, reported that the pack of hounds was hunting deer. The French Hunting Association said in a statement that ‘’there was no evidence of the involvement of hunting hounds in the death of this woman’’ BBC reports.