President Ruto Warns KRA Against Corruption As He Files Tax Returns

President William Ruto has warned the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) over reports of massive corruption in the authority. 

Speaking on Friday, May 26 after filing his returns at KRA headquarters in Nairobi, Ruto warned KRA officials over colluding with businesses and organizations in dodging taxes.

“Additionally, collusion, wanton bribe-taking and general corruption continue to pervade the operations of KRA, facilitating tax evasion, massive leakages of potential revenue and inability to meet revenue targets,” said Ruto

He noted that the taxman is being hindered from collecting more taxes by the use of outdated technology.

“The authority continues to maximize collection from existing taxpayers through processes and technologies that belong to a bygone era, including disruptive stoppages of revenue-generating operations, summary actions, time-consuming, laborious and inefficient assessment methods and a flagrant penchant for intimidation through arbitrary prosecution,” Ruto added. 

The President directed KRA to conduct severe and effective culture change throughout the organization as soon as possible and to embrace and deploy the best technologies to promote efficient revenue mobilization.

“KRA must stop the tiresome drama of pretending to be fighting with stakeholders over new technology and avoid irritating Kenyans with proposals to spend billions of shillings on irrelevant projects. Kenyans expect no less, deserve no less and are entitled to no less,” he said.

The Head of State further stated that he would be personally involved in ensuring that Kenyans receive the full value of their taxes and that no one, regardless of status, steals or wastes public resources.

“I just want to make the following commitment firmly and clearly: My office shall be responsible for ensuring effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability in the use of public funds,” Ruto stated.