President Uhuru finally cracks the whip on COVID-19 corruption suspects

President Uhuru Kenyatta has given investigating agencies 21 days to conclude investigations into graft allegations at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) – By Gerald Gekara.

In a televised speech delivered at the State House, Uhuru announced that the government will not tolerate corruption under his watch, urging investigators to conduct speedy investigations.

“Given the compelling public interest on the matter, the relevant agencies should expedite the ongoing investigations and conclude the same within 21 days from the date hereof,” he stated.

He said all persons found to be culpable as a result of those investigations will be arrested despite their political stand, public office they hold, or social status.

“In line with our stated public policy on Zero Tolerance to Corruption, all persons found to be prima facie culpable as a result of those investigations should be brought to book, notwithstanding the public office they hold, or their political or social status.” he concluded.

In a damning expose by media houses, a total of 43 Billion dedicated to Kenyan COVID-19 pandemic, is said to be unaccounted for. Unscrupulous tendering processes and undisclosed expenditures has cast doubt on Kenya’s ability to clamp on corruption.

Since the expose, KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari was suspended alongside directors Eliud Muriithi (Commercial) and Charles Jume (Procurement).

Operations Director Edward Njoroge Njuguna was appointed the acting CEO.

The medical supplies authority has since said it will cooperate with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

“We are not going to protect anybody found culpable and any such persons shall face consequences,” board chair Kembi Gitura said, adding “