President Uhuru Reorganizes Cabinet, Presidential Delivery Unit transferred to the Interior ministry

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reshuffled his government ministry, in a bid to enhance better service delivery and efficient strategies.

Various important dockets that have been under Uhuru’s Presidential docket: Presidential Delivery Unity, Budget & Policy Strategy and Kenya South Sudan Liaison Services, have been allocated to different ministries.

The Ministry of Interior Co-Ordination and National Government has taken up oversight duties of the Presidential Delivery Unity, as well as the State Department for Interior and Citizen Services.

National Economic & Social Council (NESC) has been transfered to the Ministry of Treasury and National Planning, while the Ministry of East African Community & Regional Development takes up the Kenya South Sudan Liaison Services.

The Irrigation Ministry which served under the Agriculture Ministry, has been moved to the now renamed, Water, Sanitation and Sanitation Ministry.