Prince Charles’ 70th birthday family portrait was ‘absolute nightmare’ to plan because of Harry and Wills, claims book

PRINCE Charles’ official 70th birthday family photograph was an “absolute nightmare” to plan because of Harry and Wills, it is claimed.

The smiling portrait released in 2018 captured the Prince of Wales, his sons and their families sharing a laugh and a joke.

But bombshell book Finding Freedom revealed how sources said the photo was difficult to arrange because “neither William nor Harry made much of an effort to make themselves available”.

Behind the heir to the throne was the grinning Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with Kate holding Prince Louis who playfully grabs grandad, and Harry and Meghan next to them.

The Prince of Wales was seen sitting on a bench with Prince George on his knee, and the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Charlotte next to him.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand described Harry’s relationship with his father as “complicated” and the brothers blew “hot and cold” with him.


It comes as Meghan faces being quizzed over the bombshell book after the authors claim she was a source.

When Prince Charles came down with coronavirus, the Duke of the Sussex immediately phoned, according to the book.

The authors wrote: “The doctors described the Prince of Wales as in ‘good spirits’ and his symptoms as mild, it was still enough to fill Harry with worry.

“He immediately called Charles at Birkhall, his Scottish home where he was now quarantined.

“Harry regularly checked in on his father until he was out of quarantine and recovered – as well as Camilla, who isolated herself as a precaution.”

Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family chronicles their love story and their time as senior members of the royal family before quitting and moving to LA with their son Archie.

The book is filled with explosive allegations and claims as to what supposedly happened behind closed doors.

It comes as Palace sources claim Meghan sanctioned the book and also revealed how it paints a “very one sided account” that “will leave lasting scars” on the couple’s relationships with The Firm.

A palace source told The Daily Mirror: “One may indeed wonder who those two sources are.

“It’s fair to say there is a great deal of skepticism over the involvement of the book’s two primary subjects.

“It’s sadly hard to imagine a world where this won’t do lasting damage to many of the personal relationships explored in this very one sided account.”

Yesterday it was claimed Princess Eugenie was left upset after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke the news they were expecting a baby at her wedding.

Meghan and Harry told friends and family that the duchess was pregnant at Eugenie’s big day at St George’s chapel at Windsor in October 2018.

The book’s authors wrote in the biography: “A source said [Princess Eugenie] told friends she felt the couple should have waited to share the news”.

It comes as the biography claimed that Harry felt like he and Meghan had been “thrown under a bus” to protect members of the Royal Family.

It was claimed the 35-year-old got upset as his reported feud with brother Prince William was played out publicly.

A source told the authors: “Harry was upset that it was playing out so publicly and that so much of the information being reported was wrong.

“There had been moments where he felt people working with his brother had put things out there to make William look good, even if it meant throwing Harry under the bus.

“It was a confusing time, and his head was all over the place—he didn’t know who or what to believe, and he and William weren’t talking enough either, which made everything a lot worse.”