Private Security Firms Given 7 Days to Pay Guards 30K

    The Director General and CEO of the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) Fazul Mahamed has issued a final ultimatum to all private security companies in Kenya to comply with the new minimum wage regulation of Ksh30,000 per month for security guards.

    The announcement was made on Monday, June 10, with a compliance deadline set for June 17.

    In his statement, Mahamed warned that any firm failing to adhere to the guidelines by the specified date will face severe consequences, including the revocation of their registration certificates and removal from the register of licensed private service providers.

    He also emphasized that this notice serves as the last warning to the non-compliant firms.

    “The Authority has today issued a final notice to all private security firms regarding the enforcement of the Ksh30,000 minimum wage for private security officers,” Mahamed stated, underscoring the authority’s commitment to enforcing the regulation under Section 32 of the Private Security Regulations Act of 2016.

    Despite facing challenges such as court cases and opposition from security companies, Mahamed noted that several firms had already complied with the new wage regulation introduced in November 2023. The increased wage is intended to better match the duties performed by the security guards and help them meet their monthly needs, particularly given the rise in statutory deductions.

    The implementation of this regulation has led to disputes between Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, who supports the wage increase, and Labour CS Florence Bore, who opposes it. Nevertheless, Mahamed has been persistent in urging all firms to adopt the new standards. He also highlighted the importance of hiring registered security guards who possess Guard Force Numbers (GFN), which provide a unique identity, fostering respect, professionalism, and public confidence within the private security sector.

    “As we align with the minimum wage guidelines outlined in the PSRA Circulars, we’re not just pursuing compliance with the set living wages standards – we’re setting them. The GFN empowers our private security officers with a distinct identity, fostering a culture of respect, professionalism and public confidence,” Mahamed remarked.