Can I Drink At The Qatar World Cup Venue?

With the Qatar World Cup a week away, booze lovers are set to have it differently as Qatar spells out drinking rules.

In Qatar, drinking or being intoxicated in public is a crime. “Drinking in a public place might result in a jail term of up to six months and/or a fine of up to QAR3,000,” according to the UK Government’s travel advice for Qatar. 

Alcohol may only be purchased at licensed hotel restaurants and bars, and there is a permission system in place for expatriates residing in Qatar. Except while collecting it on the day of collection, you should not carry alcohol in public. 

As previously stated, the legal drinking age in Qatar is 21 years old, and venues serving alcohol will need valid picture ID upon admittance.

While it is illegal to be intoxicated in public in Qatar, there will most likely be a little easing of the regulations during the World Cup.

Fans who participate in activities involving fireworks or flares, get into a brawl, or indulge in any other anti-social conduct, on the other hand, face a fine or possibly deportation from Qatar.

There could be a few possible options for supporters outside the stadium vicinities. The 40,000-capacity FIFA fan festival will take place in Al Bidda Park, which is in the centre of Doha, although there will be restrictions on what time of the day fans will be able to drink.

It is expected that fans will need to wait until 6:30pm local time to drink alcohol in the fan zone.

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