Recovery efforts enter day 11, Kenya Navy yet to retrieve sunken Likoni car

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna | PHOTO COURTESY

The government has finally confirmed the sunken vehicle identified yesterday belonged to the late Kighendi.

Speaking at a press briefing held on Wednesday night, the spokesman confirmed the plates of the vehicle were scanned to identify the ownership of the vehicle.

“We have ascertained that the number plate of the car in the water is KCB 289C which is similar to the one in question. We have also checked on CCTV footage when the car was on the ferry and confirmed the number  plates,” said Oguna.

It is however not confirmed if the bodies of the mother and her daughter are still in the car, as divers await undersea currents to cool down for them to retrieve the vehicle.

No time frame was given as to when the car will be pulled out.

“For now we cannot specify on the time that it will take to retrieve the car from the ocean, but we will eventually get it out,” said Oguna.

The car which allegedly engaged its reverse gear while on a Ferry across the Likoni channel, plunging into the ocean, on 29th September.