Relief For CS Jumwa As DPP Drops Murder Charges

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa | PHOTO COURTESY

Aisha Jumwa Murder Trial has been terminated by the High Court of Mombasa

Jumwa’s counsel said that the accused had never held a gun and that there was no evidence that she had one on the day Ngumbao Jola was shot during the Ganda by-election campaigning in 2019.

Aisha Jumwa, Cabinet Secretary for Public Service and Gender, will now testify as a state witness in the murder case.

The DPP filed a motion to have the case withdrawn, and the subject will be heard in court on December 21, with the CS anticipated to appear in person.

This comes after Jumwa’s lawyer, Danstan Omari, requested that the case file be examined by the DPP since the evidence offered by the prosecution did not establish, she was engaged in the shooting.