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#Repeal162: Is Kenya Ready to Embrace the LGBT Community?

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The High Court of Kenya is expected to make a land,ark ruling on the decriminalization of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community its freedom to enjoy and express their rights as Kenyan Citizens.

An apparently hot topic that manifested during the visit of former US president Barack Obama, who visited the country a few days after the US legalized gay marriages in the US.

Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the delegation in front of the state house downplayed the subject claiming that the topic is “a non issue” to Kenya’s development agenda.

This delay led to an uproar by the activists claiming that the government is not ready to accommodate them as citizens. | Photo Credit – Business Live

In February this year, the ruling on a case filed by the LGBT community in Kenya was postponed by the courts. Judge Chacha Mwita in his ruling stated, “My file alone put together is above my height standing. So, we are still working and hopefully we should be able to finish.”

Even as the LGBT community is shutting down the government over claims that their rights are not respected, it is however interesting that the Kenyan community does not seem to support the mover either.

If social media is anything to go by, a lot of Kenyans online have expressed their disgust at the move claiming that the “wrath of God will be upon Kenyans”. For instance, this quote by a highly esteemed religious Leader, Archbishop Alfred Rotich;

Quoting several bible verses and science, it may seem that a majority of the population is not ready to accept the change in society from heterosexual marriages to homosexual marriages. Initially thought to be a majorly white culture, many countries in Africa are starting to consider decriminalizing it.

Homosexuality has been heavily criticized openly, with some section of Kenyans having to separate from their loved ones out of rejection, It may take sometime before the LGBT community is accepted in this country.

Bottom line, sexual orientation should not stop the way you interact with your friends, family, sons and daughters. If it is the same God you are quoting to defend the integrity of heterosexual marriages, John 3:16 for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD…. THE WHOLE WORLD.. that He gave his life to save ALL. If any fire broke out at your house, your Gay neighbor will be the first one at the scene, your lesbian friend could be the one phone call you would need when burglars come knocking at your door. EMBRACE YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEING.

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