Residents Of The Disputed Njiru Land Asks DCI To Probe How Kirima’s Family Obtained The Land

Residents of the disputed Njiru land owned by late lawmaker Gerishon Kirima’s family have asked the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to investigate how Kirima obtained the land in dispute.

The residents asked the court for an order compelling the DCI to investigate the documents provided in court and determine who, between Kirima and Italian Dominico De Masi, is the rightful owner of the contested piece of land.

In what appears to be a continuing conflict over the 1000-acre plot of land in Nairobi’s Njiru, Mihango, and Chokaa neighborhoods, the residents petitioned the court to compel the DCI to investigate the authenticity of documents presented before the court by the Kirima family.

The residents, represented by lawyer Danstan Omari, requested that the DCI review documents supplied by the family of the claimed original landowner the late Italian Dominico De Masi, to see whether the property was properly transferred to the Kirimas.

They have also written to the National Lands Commission to investigate the title deed of the land.

The latest move stems from the October 23, judgment by Environment and Land Court judge Samson Okong’o, naming former Starehe MP Gerishon Kirima as its rightful owner.

Okang’o gave the squatters up to December 31, to vacate and hand over possession of the property to the estate of Kirima.

The residents said the judgment as it is, if executed will gravely affect them and would be negating the economic development of the area.