Robbery Suspects Back In Court After ‘Forged Release’

Kibera Law court moved with speed to suspend the bond it granted five suspects charged with theft of Sh104millon.

This came after the prosecution raised concerns about the suspects’ release. 

The suspects: Shellomett Jerop, Agaziva Kenneth, Jackline Minayo, Patrick Mwangi, Caleb Nagomere and Eunice Akinyi are accused of stealing from Samar Alkindy on April 29, 2022.

The magistrate ordered their detention, save for one who was pregnant.

Sergeant Opiyo, the investigating officer, testified in court that he never verified the documents used to secure their release.

Among the documents in question are a TAC payslip and others.

The suspects were released on bond ranging from Sh7 million to Sh1 million.

The same court allowed detectives to verify the documents and file a report the following Wednesday.