Rubis: Our CEO Travelled To Paris, Not Deported

Rubis Energy is a company that specializes in renewable energy Kenya has retaliated against the government for deporting its CEO, Jean-Christian Bergeron, and accusing him of fuel hoarding amid transportation disruptions. 

The oil marketer chastised the government for claiming that Mr Bergeron had been deported to France, claiming that the CEO had traveled to Paris to brief the head office on Kenya’s fuel crisis. 

Rubis also refuted State claims that it was hoarding fuel, citing evidence that it increased supply in the three months leading up to April. 

Mr Bergeron left Kenya on Wednesday evening, according to Energy Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma, following the State’s crackdown on marketers linked to the shortage, but she did not mention the deportation.

Rubis provided a detailed record showing that sales increased by 6.9% in February, 9.4% in March, and 13.3% in April, indicating that the fuel shortages were caused by a surge in demand rather than hoarding products. 

Kenya’s fuel crisis, which has resulted in long lines at gas stations, has put pressure on government officials to rein in domestic price hikes. 

Following the full acquisition of both KenolKobil and Gulf Energy Holdings in 2019, Rubis Energy Kenya is owned by Rubis Energie, a subsidiary of the Rubis Group, which is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. 

Mr Bergeron has been the CEO of Rubis Energie’s Kenyan subsidiary for three years.

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