SIM Card Registration Extended By 6 Months

Kenyan telcos and individuals have been working overtime in recent days to meet this week’s deadline (April 15th) for validating their lines.

The regulatory body however, has announced that the exercise will be extended by six months, with a deadline of October 15th.

Kenya’s Communication Authority is enforcing the Kenya Information and Communications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulations, 2015, which mandates that all mobile operators collect certain details about their subscribers during registration and update those details if those details change.

The National Identity Card is the primary document required for a Kenyan to register for a SIM card.

Airtel, Telkom, and now Safaricom have all launched self-help portals to assist their customers in documenting their personal information.

Safaricom and Airtel reported that they were 65 percent and 52 percent compliant, respectively, as of Sunday last week. Telkom Kenya did not disclose its figures.

Subscribers of JTL’s Faiba Mobile 4G were informed that they did not need to re-register their SIM card because it was fully compliant with Communication Authority guidelines.

If the target is not met, the service providers will be fined, according to CA. It’s important to note that the penalties are severe for both the service provider and the individuals involved.

Operators will be fined Ksh 300,000 per violation (each unregistered user), and if they provide false information, they could face a fine of up to 6 months in prison.

Deactivated numbers must be reactivated at designated points of sale, such as official stores and authorized sellers with whom the telcos have partnered.

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New SIM card registration will be required at these designated points of sale, according to the Authority.

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