Ukraine Marks 50th Day Of War

President Zelensky’s latest address to the nation marks the 50th day of war and pays respects to Ukraine’s defenders.

“Unbreakable people of the bravest country,” his speech begins.

“We have withstood 50 days already. Fifty days of Russian invasion, although the occupiers gave us a maximum of five.” 

“This period, these 50 days have shown me many world leaders in a different way,” he says, recalling his conversations and meetings with many Western leaders.

“I have seen politicians behaving as if they had no power. And I have seen non-politicians who did more in these 50 days than some statesmen who claimed leadership,” he continues.

He did not make any overt mention of the sinking of Russia’s Moskva flagship, but praised the Ukrainian troops “who have shown that Russian ships can go… to the bottom only”.

“Fifty days of our defence is an achievement,” Zelensky adds.

“Achievement of millions of Ukrainians. Everyone who made the main decision in life on 24 February – to fight. To be human. Not to give up. And not to betray.”

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