Russia Sues Google Over Youtube Monopoly

According to a new source, the Russian antitrust authority “Federal Antimonopoly Service” (FAS) fined Google 2 billion rubles (approximately 235 million yuan) today.

According to the lawsuit, Google has a monopoly on YouTube. The video platform of the search giant presently dominates the Russian video hosting market. 

Russia is attempting to retaliate against Google; after all, the search giant has been following western firms and limiting the services available to Russia since the war with Ukraine.

The Russian antitrust regulator wants Google to pay a fine of around 34,771,029.07 Dollars, which is over 2 Billion Russian Rubles.

According to a Russian regulator, Google is “abusing its dominant position as the leading video hosting service.” Furthermore, FAS did not disclose any additional information concerning this abuse.

However, Russia’s governmental communications watchdog, the Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media, stated last month that YouTube was spreading disinformation on purpose. 

It also allegedly allows the dissemination of extremist ideologies and encourages minors to participate in illegal rallies.

Google gave a very short statement on the case: “We will study this decision carefully before determining our next steps”. The FAS states that Google must pay the fine within two months of the fine taking effect.