Rwanda Benchmarks Kenya For Its First Weighbridge

    On Thursday, November 10, Rwanda Transport Development Agency programme manager Gihoza Mivugo Francois led a Rwandan team to Kenya Weighbridges ahead of their first weighbridge construction.

    According to Gihoza, Rwanda does not have any weighbridge and that’s why they came to learn from the Kenya experience so that they can be able to implement in accordance with international standards.

    “We conducted a number of visits to different weighbridges being static weighing motion and actually, we learned a lot. So the ball now is on our side as we have this assignment of implementing some of these infrastructures in our country,” Gihoza noted.

    Gihoza added that the weighbridges will actually help the country to have good roads which last for long period.

    The Kenyan team led by Axle Load Unit Assistant Director Eng. Michael Ngala on their part noted that they have the equipment and enforcement mechanisms to be able to control overloading on the highways.

    “Other than the enforcement mechanism that we have in place, we are also saying that it is good to reach out to stakeholders and engage, partner, and walk with them so that nobody or a section of society is left behind in the journey to read the rules of overloading,” Eng. Ngala noted.

    John Gichohi, a senior superintendent, said that Axle Load enforcement is a calling and urged the Rwandan agency to do it knowing that they are protecting a very important asset in their country.