S. Korea Ex-President To Give Up Dog Gifted By Kim Jong Un

South Korea’s former President Moon Jae-in says he plans to give up a pair of dogs sent by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a gift.

The decision appears to be due to differences between him and the current government over who will fund looking after the dogs.

The North Korean leader gifted the dogs to Mr Moon after a 2018 summit.

The dogs remained under Mr Moon’s care after he left office in May, but now look set to be returned to the state.

The white Pungsan dogs – Gomi and Songgang – are legally categorised as state property belonging to the presidential archives.

But Mr Moon’s office said he was able to continue as their caretaker after he left his post, in an unprecedented move. 

An agreement with the interior ministry reportedly stated that supplies and expenses for looking after the pets could be paid for from a state budget.

Local media put the expenses at 2.5 million won (about $1,800; £1,560) a month.