Sarcoma Awareness Month 2023; “Let’s Talk About The Forgotten Cancer”

Sarcomas are uncommon tumours that can arise in the fatty and fibrous tissues, blood vessels, muscles, bones, nerves, cartilage, tendons, and bones.

Almost any portion of the body, whether on the inside or outside, might be affected.

There are two main kinds of sarcoma. The most common type of sarcoma is the soft tissue sarcoma.

It develops in the soft parts of the body like muscles or blood vessels. The other type is bone sarcoma which develops in the bones.

Sarcomas come in more than 70 different varieties, not just one. The type of sarcoma, its location, and other characteristics all influence how it is treated.

Sarcoma is an extremely uncommon adult cancer that makes up just 1% of all adult cancers.

Comparatively few persons are diagnosed with sarcoma each year compared to some of the more frequent cancers, despite the fact that it is slightly more common in children (approximately 20% of paediatric malignancies).

Sarcoma Awareness Month, which lasts the entire month of July, aims to spread knowledge about what is known as the “forgotten cancer.”

The topic for sarcoma cancer awareness month in 2023 is “Let’s talk about the Forgotten Cancer,” with the goal of increasing awareness of sarcoma and bone cancer, which are usually referred to as the “forgotten cancer” due to their rarity.

Education is the first step in observing Sarcoma Awareness Month. Spend some time learning about sarcomas in all of their varieties because they are such uncommon cancers and few people are familiar with them.

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Next, learn how to spot sarcoma symptoms so you’ll be prepared to consult a doctor if any of these symptoms manifest.

Few resources have been dedicated to sarcoma research and therapy because it is such an uncommon type of cancer. It is feasible to draw attention to the problem and, ideally, increase support for these vital causes by raising awareness during Sarcoma Awareness Month.