Pastor Dorcas Rigathi Pledges To Organize Mass Weddings For Police Officers

    The Spouse of Deputy President H.E Pastor Dorcas Rigathi and the Inspector General of the National Police Service, NPS have agreed to partner in offering rehabilitation for police officers in their line of duty.

    Speaking after a meeting with the IG in his office this morning, Pastor Dorcas said her office is committed to offering the service to police officers involved in drugs and substance abuse.

    “We have envisioned a service that we want to dignify. We may not give money but we will offer our support because we love them,” she said.

    “Under the programme we will offer spiritual nourishment and balanced service,” she added.

    The Second Lady also emphasized that her office will organize mass weddings for the police, in conjunction with the police service, to encourage strong and stable families and the growth of family values and, consequently, reduce cases of stress and depression in the service.

    “The clergy will also help conduct mass marriages for those who are unable to meet the huge ceremony cost,” she reiterated.

    She expressed concerns over the rising cases of mental issues not just among police officers but among Kenyans.

    “Whether you are Christian, Muslim or Hindu, rich or poor, the problem of mental health is real. Every one of us has been touched,” she said.

    Another joint effort will be prayers at the national altar to seek divine intervention for the thousands of police officers who serve the country selflessly and wholeheartedly.

    Pastor Rigathi stated that ensuring a dignified National Police Service and strong families is high on her agenda. During the annual memorials for fallen soldiers, she says her office will work with the police. The military lost 57 soldiers last year.

    The IG promised to support the programmes as well as the partnership in national altar prayers.

    The IG was accompanied by Rosemary Kuraru, Director Human Capital Department and Dr.Resila Onyango, Spokesperson.