Several JSS Teachers Sacked Just 2 Days After Calling off Strike

Several Junior secondary school JSS teachers who reported to work just two days after calling off their strike has been sacked by the Teachers service commission (TSC).

Based on the copies of letters of contract termination to these teachers, the commission indicated professional misconduct that led to the termination of the contract these new and young teachers.

The exact number of the teachers whose contract has been terminated has not however been established.

TSC released over 7000 show cause letters on the controversial current internship contract.

According to details, the TSC termination letters, were dated 6th June but the heads of primary schools received them on 10th, June 2024.

The letters indicated that TSC had taken a move to terminate the contract following the fact that the teachers engaged in professional misconduct.

“Reference is made to the show cause letter in which you were accorded an opportunity to explain the reasons why your engagement as an intern should not be terminated on account of professional misconduct. The commission has carefully considered your response and found the same to be unsatisfactory,” reads one of the letters.

Another one says: “The commission has noted that you failed and/or ignored to provide any reason for your absence from duty as required vide the afore-mentioned letter. In view of the above, the commission has decided to terminate your internship with effect from June 6, 2024.”

Among those who have received the letters is Omari Omari who since then has been serving as the spokesperson for JSS teachers in the fight for TSC to confirm all the JSS teachers.

According to Omari, after receiving the letter, he said that he went to the regional director to seek clarification, but he was told that the termination letter was final.

The teachers who are serving under internship in Junior secondary schools that are currently in primary schools have been crying out following a number of challenges they encounter in their daily routine.

Poor pay has been a major challenge, with these teachers saying that the Sh 17K they receive monthly is not enough to cater for their daily expenditures.

Most junior school interns have also been declining the current sorry state, in which they are compelled to handle subjects that they did not train while in college.

Lack of facilities including library and laboratories has been another challenges more especially for teachers handling science subjects.