Nairobi prostitutes have narrated their struggle for survival amid the covid-19 pandemic that has not only affected their livelihoods but also interrupted access to healthcare. — By Caleb Mwikya

They have threatened to down their tools if the government doesn’t recognise them as one of the most vulnerable workers.

While on this International day for them, they have documented their difficulties and now want to be recognized as vulnerable people.

Additionally, they want their work to be legalized too lest they down their tools.

This group of workers is marked as one of the most vulnerable social groups in the world.

According to the United Nation AIDS, there are roughly 16,7900 of them in the Kenya.

One of them says she has been jn the business for 10 years now.

She claims to be paying rent and her children’s fees from the income earned through it.

However, this work comes various risks. One in particular fueled by the covid-19 pandemic.

There are so many forms of violence that occur among them. Sometimes even death occurs. They say right now, they are facing major challenges.

They have appealed to the government to the government to legalise their work and offer them protection.

About the Sex Workers Day

On June 2, 1975, 100 sex workers occupied a French church to protest their criminalisation and exploitation, but they faced violent crackdown from the police.

Today, the world honors them and all sex workers who are fighting for their rights.