Joyce Rita Mumbi from Karatina in Nyeri County has narrated how her mum has rejected her soon after being released from prison. – By Calen Mwikya

According to Joyce after she separated with her husband she came into Nairobi to find a job

to be able to take care of her kids.

She got employed in a hardware store and the person who had employed her one day sent her to go in a certain company to go and get a cargo for him and had also hired a lorry to call it.

She says that she was given a cheque to go with it but since she had never seeing one she couldn’t notice it was fake, so after they went and she gave out the cheque and as she was waiting for the cargo the police came and she and the driver of the lordy where arrested and were accused of stealing. 

Joyce says that even after she was being taken to jail the man who had given her the cheque was never arrested and she served 2Years in jail.

She claims that after she was released her mom has rejected her and has chased her away from home and she has no where to go.

Joyce has pleaded with her mother to forgive her if she has wronged her because to her she love her so much