An emergency session of the National Security Council this morning met and received a report from the National Emergency Response Committee on COVID19.

The Council resolved and directed that:

1.  The National Security infrastructure is mobilized to back the National Emergency Response Committee on all the precautionary measures it has announced this morning.

2.  Additional medical personnel be recruited and retained on an emergency basic contract to support the precautionary management measures to enhance surveillance and check any possible spread of the coronavirus in the country.

3.  All National Government Administration Officers in the country, right from National to sub-location level to be tasked immediately to ensure that all the measures announced by the committee including continued public awareness on the role of hygiene in the prevention of the spread of coronavirus,  and discouragement of mass gatherings and meetings and continued monitoring and surveillance are put in place

Finally, the security council reiterates that the Government will do everything possible to ensure effective response to the now global challenge of COVID19 and would like to encourage Kenyans to remain calm, and continue with their regular day-to-day activities but remain vigilant, keep good hygiene, observe self-quarantine where necessary under the law and observe the precautionary measures announced by the World Health Organization and the National Emergency Response Committee on COVID19