State Authority pulls down 30 Million social media posts

Communications Authority Director General Leah Wanjau with Google Country Director Charles Murito during the launch of Be Internet Awesome campaign.

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has announced that in 2019, it pulled down 30 million social media posts over cybercrimes including indecent exposure of minors and online sexual harassment.

CA Director-General, Leah Wanjau cited the need for a collaborative strategy to make the internet space safe for children.

Stakeholders have partially blamed the innovation and penetration of technology on the prevalence of cybercrimes.

According to CA, as at September 2019, Kenya had 53.2 million mobile subscriptions representing 112% of the population, 52 million internet subscriptions, the bulk of whom access data through their mobile phones.

The Kenya Crime Incident Team (KCIRT) under the Communications Authority has established that over 750,000 pedophiles are online every hour targeting children who they eventually meet and abuse sexually and physically.

Wanjau says online predators are now posing as teens to lure unsuspecting minors into harmful activities like child pornography.

Parents have been advised to sensitize, monitor, guide and talk to their children about online safety to safeguard them from pedophiles.

Google Kenya has rolled out a 100 million shillings grant project to train 180,000 thousand individuals under the safe internet campaign.