Stop Impregnating our girls, Dr. Ida Odinga

This is the terse message to the mannerless men impregnating school girls by Dr. Ida Odinga

Ida said punitive measures must be taken to protect these minors, some as young as 12 years. Mrs Odinga said for the many years she taught at Kenya High school, not a single girl got pregnant. “I will personally lead this campaign to end this nonsense of child pregnancy.

At the same time, Mama Ida has called for strengthening of Alumnis in schools to assist improve facillities. Ida regretted that prominent personalities have abandoned their former schools. “You must go back to your former school and improve the facillities”, Dr. Ida Odinga has said.

Ida said the facilities in schools were constructed by others, and every alumni must contribute to their improvement.
Sadly, some students have never gone back to visit, even after benefiting from these institutions. She was speaking during the launch of a website for Ogande Girls School, her former school. Ida was a student at the school between 1965 and 1968.