Residents at the scene where Catholic Priest was found buried in a shallow grave | PHOTO COURTESY

BY FAITH MUTETE – Following a court order, detectives have arrested Michael Muthini Mutunga who confessed of abducting and killing Father Michael Maingi by slitting his throat and cutting his body before burying him in a shallow grave in Embu County.

Corporal Julio Mutembei from the DCI informed the court that Mutunga has confessed to the crimes and he was later arrested on October 15 in possession of the priest’s car.

The detectives said the suspect also volunteered to escort them to where they allegedly buried the priest and also provide information that would help in the investigations.

Earlier on Thursday, another suspect associated with the killing was arrested in Mbeere Embu County.

Kavivya Mwangangi was arrested in custody of a mobile phone and a sim card which was used to receive money from the priest.

The police also recovered a list of names in a notebook and blood-stained clothes in his rental house.

The two suspects are believed to be part of a cult and the names in the notebooks are other people who belong to the cult.