China Executes Man Who Set His ex-wife On Fire

Tang was permitted to see his family before being put to death.

In China, a man was executed for murdering his ex-wife by setting her on fire during a Livestream. 

This marked the end of a case that sparked horror and outrage across the country.

Tang Lu was executed by a court in southwestern Sichuan province, according to Global Times, citing the Intermediate People’s Court of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.

Tang was permitted to see his family before being put to death.

Lhamo, Tang’s ex-wife, was a farmer in the Tibetan autonomous region and a live streamer. 

State media reported that Tang had a history of physically abusing Lhamo; as a result, the couple filed for divorce in June 2020.

In the months that followed, he sought her out numerous times and requested to remarry, but was turned down.

Then, in September 2020, Tang showed up behind Lhamo as she was live-streaming a video of herself, doused her in gasoline, and set her ablaze.

Two weeks later, she passed away. Soon after the assault, Tang was detained, and in October 2021, he was given the death penalty.

According to state media, Tang had a history of physically abusing Lhamo, and the couple divorced in June 2020.

The case received extensive coverage in local, national, and international media, which sparked debate about the mistreatment and abuse of women in China as well as how the country’s legal system frequently fails to defend victims while readily forgiving offenders.

Abuse was not a valid reason for divorce in China until 2001, when the country’s marriage laws were changed.

In 2015, China passed its first nationwide law outlawing domestic violence. This ground-breaking measure defined the crime for the first time and includes both physical and psychological abuse.

However, detractors claim that there are still gaps in the law because it excludes same-sex relationships and makes no mention of sexual assault.

Since Lhamo’s passing, there has been more discussion about gender inequality and violence against women in China.

Several explosive rape allegations involving well-known figures occurred last year, and just last month, several women were attacked in a restaurant after one of them resisted a man’s advances.