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Friday, September 17, 2021

Tanga Tanga ‘wins’ round one as Kieleweke plots retaliation

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Ndindi Nyoro of Tanga Tanga has won the first round of his bout against Dr.Karanja Kibicho…the man he claims masterminded his arrest.

Variously, unconfirmed media reports have elucidated the run ins between the internal security PS Kibicho and the Tanga team, led by DP Dr. William Ruto.

The supremacy war climax was the damning allegations by the DP that certain CS’s were planning to kill him.

Prior to the damning allegations, and for which blogger Denis Itumbi was charged in court, the DP had accused Dr. Kibicho of failing to provide security during his Tanga Tanga tours.

Kibicho of course rubbished the allegations and blamed the Tanga Tanga team for failure to communicate in good time their itinerary.

Which brings us to the hard questions.
Nyoro is a die hard DP Ruto supporter. The DP has rebelled against his boss President Kenyatta and continued his early campaigns for 2022. The DP has trained his guns on Raila Odinga, who he claims is in the 2022 race.

Tellingly, the DP and allies are accusing Dr.Kibicho of being used by forces opposed to his 2022 bid.

It would appear that Nyoro is just a platform being used by political and systems giants to settle scores.

Fir starters, Nyoro has no capacity, political, financial or otherwise to take on the system…leave alone Dr. Kibicho. But he has a loud mouth that is an asset for Tanga Tanga as it seeks ground in Central Province.

One other the curious hand, the Tanga Tanga group now looks more of a Central Kenya and Rift Valley affair and some pockets in Western Kenya led by the bull fighter Bony Khalwale.

So what is next for the Kieleweke team in light of the growing hostility in Central Province?

It so happens that Wiĺliam Maina Kamanda is not working alone. He must be having the tacit support from certain quarters. It is these quarters that made him escape with affray, the offence he and Nyoro should have faced.

And while at it, why were politicians allowed to defile a place of worship in the name of a fundraiser?

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