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Friday, September 17, 2021

Origin of Tattoos; Tattooing the Semicolon to tackle cases of Suicide

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BY FAITH MUTETE – Tattoos are one of those things that almost everyone finds cool and anyone who has one is either looked at in a positive or negative way. Despite the judgment that comes with them, they are still in demand in this era and according to how things appear they are not going anywhere any time soon.

People have tattoos for different reasons and today being World Suicide Prevention Day, we are going to look at the semicolon tattoo. A common tattoo that is worn by so many people around the world with most of them having no meaning behind it and a few really know what it means.

Basically a semicolon is an English punctuation mark that symbolizes continuity in a sentence, you know a place where the author has the choice to end a sentence but he chose not to.

According to Amy Bleuel, the founder of the semicolon project, an organization that aims to support people who are suicidal and reduce the number of suicidal cases the author is you and the sentence is your life story.

So she came up with this idea of tattooing the semicolon on your body as a sign of hope to every suicidal person. With time, people all over the world caught up with this campaign and that’s how it became a popular tattoo amongst many people.

On this day as we campaign against suicide if you can, get a semicolon tattoo to support anyone fighting with the condition and give them hope that life continues.

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