Tanzanian government official faults test results, accuses Kenya of economic sabotage

Tanzanian comissioner has accused Kenya of economic sabotage, after drivers who were turned away at the border for testing positive for coronavirus have tested negative back in Tanzania- By Gerald Gekara

“In efforts to confirm reliability of COVID-19 test results, we took
samples from 19 drivers from Tanzania who had been tested and
declared positive by Kenya authorities at Namanga border on Kenyan

“After these samples were submitted to our Main National Laboratory in
Dar es Salaam, the results came back as Negative for all these drivers
from Tanzania”

In a letter addressed to the press, Arusha Regional Comissioner Mashaka Gambo outlined the instances where cases previously rested positive, returned negative.

The system for collecting COVID-19 test samples from truck drivers
coming in from Kenya started on 14th May 2020.

1. Samples taken from 44 truck drivers from Kenya on 14th May 2020, and results were released on 16th May 2020 whereby 14 drivers (11 from Kenya, 1 from Uganda and 2 from another
country whose name shall be kept private in this document) all coming in from Kenyan side were positive. Thirty (30) drivers were negative.

2. On the 16th May 2020, a total of 23 drivers from Kenya had their
samples taken for testing and results were released on 19th May
2020. Results profiles were as follows:
Ten (10) drivers were Positive for COVID-19 (All were from
Kenya) and 13 were Negative.

3. On the 18th May 2020, more samples were taken from Eleven (11)
drivers, all arriving from Kenya, and results will be given out
immediately after release from our main National Laboratory in
Dar es Salaam.

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The ongoing push and pull came after President Uhuru Kenyatta gave orders to shut the Kenya Tanzania border, only allowing trucks cleared by health officials.

However on the other side of the border, Tanzania has vowed to stay open to incoming tourists, completely downplaying the dire situation.

The commissioner cited that Kenya is deliberately sabotaging their economy, and vowed to do everything in his power to ensure Arusha citizens are safe.

“Arusha region is confident that this is a deliberate sabotage strategy designed by Kenya against our tourism industry in Arusha and Tanzania at large.” Concluded the statement.


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