The End is Near, Senator Kiio Tells Ngilu

When I say Gov Ngilu stands out as the most incompetent governor in Kenya and that she has presided over arguably the most corrupt administration in the history of devolution, a few of her supporters read malice. They hurl insults at me, and I have come to accept these insults as a small price to pay for standing up to impunity.

Those who don’t support her see in my statement a perfect opportunity to rally more support for the leaders of their choice. Both teams have a right to ride on my statement to advance their cause. But whichever way one looks at it, irrespective of whether one supports Ngilu or not, I have reason to believe that Ngilu has miserably failed the test of leadership and has engaged top gear on a steep, slippery road to nowhere.

She is behaving like a person who has made the determination that she is leading clueless and desperate people who will, in season and out of season, sing praises to her even when she is stepping hard on their toes. But I have some news for her; the end is near!! The writing is clearly and boldly on the wall; her mischief in leadership must come to an end whether law enforcement agencies rise to the occasion or not. The burning of the Finance offices was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The alleged appointment of a new County Secretary is the latest evidence that she has ZERO regards for the abundant human resource excellence in Kitui County. I am happy that the Majority Leader of the Kitui County Assembly has called her out on this matter and especially on the issue of due process. The CA must not stop there, I believe the Speaker knows what to do should the governor officially communicate the alleged unlawful appointment. She MUST follow the law as long as she is governor of Kitui County. And now even our mothers in Kitui are speaking out.

I am particularly keen to listen and decisively act on the cry of our mothers because they are speaking candidly about their suffering under Ngilu. In fact, you realize that out of her Cabinet, there is only ONE woman. And she comes from Makueni. NONE from Kitui County. How can Ngilu say she has the interest of Kitui women at heart? Don’t we have qualified women from Kitui who can join her Cabinet? I will act, in close partnership with like-minded leaders and people of goodwill in Kitui, within the law, to make sure that Ngilu either reforms or leaves office.

The people of Kitui can’t endure another three years of impunity, blatant theft of public resources, oppression, intimidation, the extreme radicalization of our youth and disregard to the rule of law under a governor they elected into office.

Enoch Kiio Wambua,
Senator, Kitui County.