TikTok Creators Could Soon Charge For Access To Videos

TikTok is developing a paywall feature that would let producers charge $1 (or a price of their choice) to access a given video. 

Putting content behind a paywall are some of the ways other apps use to let creators make money off their content.

On Instagram, for example, creators can share subscriber-only posts, reels, stories, and other content not available to other followers.

Citing sources close to the matter, the publication reports that the feature would allow select creators to charge $1 USD, or a price of their choice, for access to a given video.

Another feature the app is working on to expand usage and audiences is to develop a revamped creator fund that’s already underway in France and Brazil and could begin to roll out in the US next month, according to The Information.

Launched in 2020, the original fund is a three-year, $1 billion pool of money that pays creators for popular videos.

But some have criticized the fund model broadly, saying it limits how much content creators can earn.

Some TikTokers say they earn a few dollars for videos viewed millions of times and just pennies a day when their content isn’t going viral.

It’s not totally clear how the system would work or exactly who would be eligible to put their content behind a paywall.