Trump launches “Operation Warp Speed” to develop vaccine by end of year

President Donald Trump has said that the US will reopen soon while announcing the commencement of a vaccine project dubbed “Operation Warp Speed”.

Trump said the US has to go back to normal business with or without a vaccine.

While speaking during a briefing at the White House, Trump said the project would begin with studies on 14 promising vaccine candidates for accelerated research and approval by the end of the year.

Trump compared the vaccine project to the World War Two efforts to produce the world’s first nuclear weapons.
He described the project as, “A massive scientific, industrial and logistic endeavor unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project.”

Health experts have however warned that it is going to be difficult to develop a vaccine within a year.

President Trump’s government has received criticism for not handling the covid-19 crisis appropriately which has led to many deaths in the US.

He has however shut down his critics saying he is doing everything possible to ensure Americans get back to their normal lives.

“I don’t want people to think this is all dependent on a vaccine, vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back. And we are starting the process,” he said

“In many cases they don’t have vaccine and a virus or a flu comes and you fight through it, other things have never had a vaccine and they go away,” he said.

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