Trump threatens to close down ‘social media’ after tweet tagged


US President Donald Trump threatened Wednesday to shut down social media platforms after Twitter for the first time acted against his false tweets, prompting the enraged Republican to double down on unsubstantiated claims and conspiracy theories – By Agence France Presse(AFP)

There is no evidence that attempts are being made to rig the election, and under the tweets Twitter posted a link which read: “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.”

For years, Twitter has been accused of ignoring the president’s violation of platform rules with his daily, often hourly barrages of personal insults and inaccurate information sent to more than 80 million followers.

But Twitter’s slap on the wrist was enough to drive Trump into a tirade — on Twitter — in which he claimed that the political right in the United States is being censored.

‘Blatant lies’

Kate Ruane, at the American Civil Liberties Union, said that Trump has no power to regulate Twitter.

Now that he faces Biden, Barack Obama’s vice president, Trump is again using Twitter to attack his popular predecessor.

His murky claim that the Democrat was part of a “coup” attempt during the early days of his administration has a Twitter hashtag — #ObamaGate — that the president uses regularly.

The claim that Twitter is biased against conservatives fits the White House narrative that the billionaire president is still an outsider politician running against the elite.

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