Uganda Politician jailed for calling judges ‘fools’

Ivan Samuel Ssebadduka was summoned by Supreme Court over abusive language. PHOTO COURTESY

Uganda’s Supreme Court has jailed a former presidential aspirant for using abusive language against them, including calling them “incompetent fools”.

Ivan Samuel Ssebadduka was sentenced to three years in prison for contempt of court, according to local media.

Mr Ssebadduka had in September filed a petition at the Supreme Court seeking to stop a requirement for presidential aspirants to collect nomination signatures.

He also wanted the court to suspend coronavirus safety restrictions issued by the health ministry on the conduct of campaign rallies.

He used the offensive remarks when defending the petition before the judges

Chief Justice Alfonse Owinyi-Dollo was quoted as saying that criticism against judges should be accurate and fair and should not infringe on the the rights of others.