UNDP deploys 50 volunteers to battle Coronavirus in counties

undp kilifi
The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) Country Representative Walid Badawy speaking in Kilifi town. He said the agency has sent 50 volunteers to work in 14 counties as a mitigation measure towards fighting the corona virus pandemic. | PHOTO BY Ramadhan Kambi for Uzalendo News

The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has deployed 50 UN volunteers to 14 counties affected by the Covids-19 pandemic, the agency‘s country representative Walid Badawy has said. – By Ramadhan Kambi 

Speaking at the Kilifi Governor’s office, Mr Badawy said the move is meant to provide a first-hand assistance towards mitigating the effects of the corona virus cases. 

 “We have been able to quickly reposes funding to be able to provide first hand support to counties including in Kilifi County through the UN volunteers. These are our frontline soldiers dealing with the pandemic and we wish to tell them to also stay safe as we fight this worldwide problem.  

Also through this generous support, we have been able to make available 50 UN volunteers to serve in 14 counties,” said Mr Badawy. 

The launching ceremony for the volunteers was done in Kajiado County recently and Mr Badawy said they will offer crucial support in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Already Kilifi has received two volunteers, one working at the Kilifi county referral while the other one is based at Gede Health centre in Kilifi North. 

Mr Badawy said his agency will continue to engage with state and non-state actors to make sure there is long lasting peace in Kenya which will shape up and ensure maximum development. 

“We cannot have development without peace and again we can’t have peace without development. The two go hand in hand and we need to include the youths and the vulnerable in our societies. The business of peace is not finished and it must continue to ensure that one can sleep well and leave in a stable community,” he said.