US Issues Security Alert To Its Citizens In Kenya

    The US embassy in Kenya issued a security alert to its citizens and foreigners living in Nairobi and other areas owing to the unpredictability of terror attacks.

    In a statement dated Thursday, February 9, the embassy advised its citizens to be on high alert as they carry out their activities in the capital city. 

    The embassy emphasised that some locations in the capital and other areas are a hive of activities and are attractive targets for terrorists.

    “High traffic areas frequented by foreigners and tourists in Nairobi and elsewhere in Kenya,” read part of the statement.

    Additionally, the embassy gave its residents several steps to follow to be safe in different parts of the country.

    Americans were urged to exercise vigilance at locations frequented by tourists and foreigners and review their personal security plans.

    Furthermore, they were encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and monitor the local media outlets for updates. 

    The embassy also shared contact details, including where they had an issue. They were urged to visit the embassy’s offices in Gigiri in Nairobi.

    “Terrorist groups could attack with little or no warning, targeting hotels, embassies, restaurants, malls and markets, schools, police stations, places of worship, and other places frequented by foreigners and tourists,” read part of the statement.

    It, however, recognised the Kenyan government for its increased counterterrorism patrols.

    In the past, the embassy issued several warnings to its citizens in the country, especially during the August 9, 2022, General Election.

    While speaking in Mogadishu on February 1, President William Ruto urged the East African regional leaders to dismantle terror networks and other financial support infrastructure to eradicate terror in the region.