Waita-Wavinya Showdown Looms Ahead Of Raila Visit

The bitter rivalry between Nzioka Waita and Wavinya Ndeti will play out during the Raila Odinga Azimio rally at Machakos Stadium.

Waita, the CCU Candidate and Wavinya Ndeti are engaged in a tight political battle for the Machakos Governor seat.

Waita is a close ally of Raila Odinga since his days as State House Chief of Staff.

Wavinya is a confidant of Kalonzo Musyoka. And here in lies the banana peel for Raila.

Kalonzo has been campaigning hard for Wavinya in Machakos, providing both financial and logistical support.

On Wednesday, he received Deputy Governor to Maliti the Wavinya camp.

Maliti is himself on the ballot for the Governor seat.

He joined Wavinya’s camp after his running mate Rose Wambua deserted him.

Kalonzo however is in a dilemma as to whether he should join in the veiled personal attacks on Waita and risk his national profile.

Wavinya’s supporters have branded Nzioka a Maasai, raising tribal animosity among the two communities.

Kambas and Maasai are neighbours and have lived harmoniously since independence.

The Maasai tag has raised concerns in political circles. Kalonzo’s proposed running mate until he joined hands with Raila was Andrew Sunkuli, a Maasai elder from Kilgoris.