Willy Paul pens down a heartfelt message for her daughter Sonya

Willy Paul introduced his daughter Sonya to the world for the first time, Willy Paul said that 20121 is already a good year and he can’t thank God enough for the gift of a daughter.

He went to confess his undying love for his daughter and that he will always be there for her no matter what

“2021 is already goo to me I can’t thank you enough Lord for this gift my daughter Sonya  always know that daddy loves you so much baby girl , I will always be here for you ,I’ll be your superman you have won my heart and my love .”

“May the lord keep you safe take you to places no one has even been before .welcome to the world. Black and white combination.”

This comes weeks after he shared a video of a white lady carrying a child saying he has welcomed his second child.

Hello everyone some good news join me in thanking myself for a job well done I scored another one (dj Khaled’s voice) help me welcome my daughter to the world. I’ll make sure you the best life one that you’ve never had.”