World Toilet Day: Scientist unveils a self-cleaning toilet, hopes to save clean water

by:Faith Mutete

Researchers in the United States of America have come up with a new invention that minimizes the use of freshwater in toilets and keeps the toilets clean at the same time. The scientists at Penn State University say the toilet coating saves the amount of water required to flush by 90%.

“Our team has developed a robust bio-inspired, liquid, sludge- and bacteria-repellent coating that can essentially make a toilet self-cleaning,” Tak-Sing Wong, associate professor of mechanical engineering at the university, told Penn State News.

Apart from saving water, the coating is also able to self-clean and prevent the build-up of bacteria in toilet bowls and reduce unpleasing odours.

The spray, which is more slippery than Teflon, would be affected by urine and need reapplying after about 50 flushes.

Researchers hope that the discovery could help reduce water waste. Every day, more than 141 billion litres of water are used to flush toilets.