YouTube has stated that Shorts currently has over 1.5 billion active, signed-in monthly users, according to a TechCrunch report.

In comparison, despite having been around for far longer (and providing as an inspiration for Shorts’ very existence), arch-nemesis TikTok has racked up 1 billion monthly users as of September 2021.

The short-form style appears to have aided YouTube’s traditional videos as well.

According to the Google brand, creators who submit both short and longer movies get more subscriber growth and watch time than those who just upload long pieces.

This, according to YouTube, reflects the “reality of today’s viewer” — that is, a proclivity to watch different types of content at different times and places. During your commute, you might view a Short, while during your lunch break, you might watch a longer film.

Shorts is clearly positioned as a serious competitor to TikTok and Instagram Stories, as evidenced by the statistic.

It might also entice creators who were skeptical about Shorts’ ability to help them generate money. The announcement, on the other hand, dances around the growing overlap between items.

Longer videos were already available on Instagram, and TikTok recently increased its maximum length to ten minutes. YouTube’s video sizes aren’t the only ones that vary.

However, YouTube’s pitch for the monthly subscriber count reveals a distinct set of goals.

It sees Shorts as a method to promote long-form material, but Instagram and TikTok see long-form videos as an option for social media stars who prefer shorter content.

YouTube doesn’t have to exceed rivals in every statistic; all it needs to do is establish that Shorts are popular enough to help channels thrive.

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