zari bashes her braces haters

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Entrepreneur cum socialite Zari Hassan   once again has something to say to her haters ‘majirani’ who in this case Tanzanians

Through a lengthy Instagram post, she attacked everyone who made fun of her braces and went ahead to explain why she had them despite many of her followers think she was too old for them.

Zari said that it did not matter how old she was, she is just trying to live her best life without minding what others have to say about her.

“About some years ago I started wearing my braces. ‘Majirani’ said i was too old its for kids below 15 (talk about ushamba, wanajifanya wajuaji yet they don’t know sh***🙄🙄…🤣🤣). Anyways next month I’ll be taking out my braces and whitening my teeth, thanks to my orthodontist (I know majirani, it’s hard to pronounce),” she wrote as she took a shot at the majirani.

she further stated that one is responsible for their happiness and should not, therefore, let others dictate their way of life.

“Moral of the story, don’t let people decide how you live your life, do what you want, what suits you, your lifestyle and so on coz you and you alone is living your life when the Lord calls that day. It’s you alone and none of these social media doctors, teachers, lawyers, life advisors will bail you,” she continued.