Zerb Mobbed By Kenyans For Not Crediting Nzau In Viral Kikuyu House’ Jam Mwaki

Kenyan musician Sofiya Nzau’s song ‘Mwaki’ went viral on TikTok with many Kikuyu folk and other Kenyans appreciating her melodious vocals.

The song was trending after a remix by an international DJ, Zerb, went viral with 80,000 plays in 24 hours.

“Mwaki” is a Kikuyu song about a woman’s fear of her father when he discovers she is married to a man who does not meet his father’s expectations.

The song was originally written by Sofiya Nzau, but Zerb remixed it to add more flavor.

Sofiya Nzau is a Kenyan vocalist and performer. She has worked with both local and international acts on music production and performance.

Zerb is a DJ and producer from Brazil recognized for his exceptional musical remixes of other people’s songs.

Kenyans took to comments after realizing that Zerb did not credit Sofiya as the original artiste of the viral rendition.

However, after some backlash, Zerb decided to tag her in one of his TikTok posts, claiming that she was the original owner of the song but that he had simply remixed it.

Despite pressure from Sofiya’s admirers, he has yet to tag her on YouTube or Spotify.

Some Zerb supporters believe she does not deserve credit because her rendition was ‘boring,’ but he updated it so it is his original content, whereas Nzau fans believe the musician should be given flowers.

Here are some of the responses;

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