10 Kenyan Artists that We Wish they Never Disappeared

BY STEPHANIE MWANGI – I know this debate of “Our generation’s music was the greatest” may not auger well with Millenials and their ‘Riengs’ but hear us out. It was awesome! #HypeCurve gang decided to look back at 10 Kenyan artists that we wished they never left the music scene.

Sema (Kevo, Pam, Sanaipei)

After money was poured (literally) to fund their success at Coca – Cola, SEMA, consisting of Kevo, Pam and Sanaipei debuted into the scene with their hit, Leta Wimbo, that was literally an anthem in major clubs back then. Sadly, Sakalakata which was their follow up dance track, became their last song together as SEMA. The group split up and each went separate ways to work individually

King Georgez

Budding Dancehall artiste, King Georgez dropped one of my favorite songs from way back. Everything from the lyrics to the video, was perfect. We are not clear about what happened to this sleek lyric and hope that wherever he is, he is living a good life.


Well, back in the day, probably wished i understood what i was listening to, but Flexx, flew into the scene with hits after hits, curving a niche for himself under the Calif Records gang, based in Eastleigh estate. His tracks, Nyundo, Amejibea and Namba yako all became viral and typically everyone (except our parents) was flowing with Flexx. At the height of his career, Flexx went quiet and later reappearing in 2011. He has since then not been in the scene but hey, that there.. is a legend!

XYZee (Alex and Santos)

Judging by the quality of their videos, (hired professional models and Mercedes Benz lol..) these guys were seemingly the rich kids of Kenyan Music way back in 2005. After curving out a spot in the Kapuka- Bongo hybrid vibe of Kenyan music, They too disappeared from the industry.

The Buccaneers ( Habib and Manga)


This may sound creepy, but every time i look at a horse i remember the sensational Habib and Manga duo that rocked the charts with their ‘Fever’ track. With a wild cowboy themed video and catchy beats by Homeboyz Studios, this duo became an instant hit and a jam to many that were in high school during those times. Habib made a surprise appearance at a local entertainment show that left many perplexed at how grown he is now.


The then ‘Cheerz babaz’ of our times, this gang from the west side of Nairobi CBD (South C, Langata) and hopped to clubs all the way in Westlands, Historians are credited for their heavily clubby jams like Hey Dj, Boujee and Huku Nairobi that took a section of now middle class citizens by storm. Little is known about their whereabouts since their exit from the scene.

Boomba Clan

Speaking of situations surrounding a Kenyan can instantly win you fans from all generations. ‘Chonga viazi’ still a banger in clubs, made an instant success. They later followed it up with ‘Do not touch my Car’ and ‘African timer’ … and then they went quiet. Only to resurface with ‘Sina Habari’ in 2010.


The hype curve team was surprised to learn that Ousmane’s tracks were still pumping in Jamaica and the USA, years after the young lad went underground at the height of his musical success. The young talented Reggae/Ragga lyricist is still missed by his fans and we hope that one day he will resurface. His works include, Dunda, Little Star and VIP love (Which was a Reggae riddim, complete with dancehall artistes like Spragga Benz)


There’s no way i will do a review or discuss the local music scene without mentioning one of the crisp vocalists that graced the music scene. Sheila Mwanyigha was a gem and sounded so good in all her tracks. From heavy club-banger style to calm and mellow pieces, Nikki finessed them all. After maturing from the industry, Nikki nowadays is taking responsibility of social well beings of fellow women in her talk shows on Her youtube page. We love You


It is sad that this musical prowess of a boy exited the scene at such a tender age. With one track out, topping charts, winning awards and made a new dance move, Czars mysteriously disappeared nearly 15 years since he blessed us with ‘Amka Ukatike’. We pray with the fans and family that one day we will all see Czars.

Keep the spirited fight and support Kenyan music to the world. Cheers!