3 Chinese Charged With Defrauding Kenyan Company Ksh 320M

Mwingi Law Court has imposed KES 2 million bail on three Chinese nationals with the same surety in a case where the three are accused of obtaining money by false pretenses and conspiracy to defraud.

The three defendants—Le Chuan Chen, Le Lei Chen, and Qi Zhao Zin—were each fined KES 2 million, with a KES 2 million surety.

In July 2020, the accused and Ederman Properties Kenya allegedly signed a contract to supply gypsum production equipment.

They are accused of receiving KES 320 million, the entire sum, but instead of supplying the materials, they are accused of escaping before reappearing more than two years later with a different set of machines that are said to be subpar and did not meet the contract’s requirements.

The gypsum production equipment was supposed to come from China and run at a rate of 30-35 m/min.

Ismael Ruhu, the chief magistrate of the Mwingi Law Court, ruled that the three accused have a constitutional right to be released on bond or bail under reasonable conditions pending an accusation or trial, unless they have compelling reasons not to.

The magistrate also ordered that the accused surrender their passports, swear an affidavit, and state where they live.

He also ordered that the accused report every three weeks to the Mwingi Directorate of Criminal Investigation Officer (DCI). If they are unable to do so, they may report to any DCI office with the permission of Mwingi DCI.

The three were arrested and brought to court on Monday morning after the court hired a Chinese interpreter for them in accordance with Article 50 of the Constitution, which guarantees the right of the accused.

The case will be mentioned on December 21,