This is for the church.

“We are the light of the world we are the city on a hill.”

We are the light of the world but the only light we light is our phones to upload the dark world into the church spray Holy Ghost fire cologne and all over it. Do you smell that Mhhhhh it smells righteousness, holy and acceptable in Gods sight. Right?

We are the light of the world yet the only light we light is green go ahead with hypocrisy. Red lights only apply on the roads with policemen and speed bikes and spikes.

We are the light of the world we are the city that eroded the hill to an ant hill because we became the big bad wolf that huffed and puffed and blew the trinity away.

We huffed and puffed and blew Calvary’s tree to waste, blew the word away, blew sanity away all because we wanted the congregation to stay, gave the evil one someplace to catch no not catch but play with his leashed prey.

We call Him master, we call Him Light, we call Him way, we call Him wise. We call Him noble, we call Him cordial but we obey not, see not, walk not, follow not, trust not, serve not.

We teach the world how to chew on meat while we comfortably wear bibs and suckle on our milk. We fuel others cars and somehow forget the GPRS and toll our empty tanks home .Well then, if we teach others, why don’t we teach ourselves?

We are no longer Cinderella Church but a blend of the evil step mum and arrogant daughters. We can’t fit the golden slipper because of our big de-feat. Despite the fairy godmother of prayer fasting, our mice don’t be horses and our pumpkin stay put for Halloween.

We don’t have shadows to testify our existing beings; we are like vegetarian vampires or carnivorous giraffes or an honest Pinocchio. We smoke the devils weed and get worried sick when our religious visibility is suddenly foggy. We try to extinguish the worldly fire using gasoline and we go before the holy presence in tears when we get scorched.

I miss Apostle Paul’s church. The Antioch church. A church ready to be victimized for God’s name. I really miss when Jesus was not old fashioned and uptight. I miss when church didn’t mind being turned over like steak when the Christianity pan became hot. A people that kept their cool when they were subjected to heated persecution unlike popcorn they didn’t pop out of control.

A church that didn’t fear the roman soldiers. A church that had Christ over culture. One that started in the spirit and finished in the spirit. A church that was a fisher of men not fame just men. A church that walked the talk not thought the walk to walk the talk.

You can’t say you don’t miss those good old days?

A day will come where we breathe our last,

What will be the use of your deflated lungs that circulated air and never asked for Spiritual perseverance?

What will be the use of your dismembered hands that won’t surrender worries to the altar?

The cold heart that now can’t believe Jesus in midst of trial? Broken limbs that can’t leap to the foot of the cross?

A brain that now can’t decide to follow Jesus? Popped eyes that can’t see the Lord?

Play hide and He will come to seek. Will you be found tucked in faith or will you see Him run and tap to be saved?