Arnelisa Mungai talks about the woman she is becoming

By Stephanie Mwangi

Keroche heiress Arnelisa Mungai has spoken of the woman she is becoming, where she hinted that she will be moving forward and she is going to be more intentional with her money and time.

“The woman I am looking into be becoming is a woman who is selfish with herself, her finances and her time.

This comes after barely a month ago Ben Pol her husband announced that he and arnelisa are getting divorced and he made a statement stating that he is getting divorced from Arnelisa  barely two years after the two tied a knot .

Ben Pol went on to say he will not be talking about what led to the divorce between him and Arnelisa  “ these proceedings are a very private matter and he will not discuss any details out of respect of the parties involved  ,he kindly asks for space and privacy for the parties involved .

Arnelisa may have hinted that she had already signed the divorce papers and she is no longer associated with anyone since she is now focused on herself alone.

“I would like to make it clear that I signed whatever was needed  to be signed and I don’t want to be associated with anyone my focus right now is my career and my peace .